Different types of Australian visas  

The beauty of Australia is not only captivating, but it is also the land of tourist attraction. Spending a holiday in Australia has always been on the list of several people and that is why having a visa should be a priority. So four types of visa that you can avail for your visit to Australia are stated below:

  • Working holiday visa: If your age ranges from 18 to 30 years, then availing a visa for your Australia visit is not an issue anymore. This visa will help you to travel to Australia and explore all the places hassle free.
  • Instant tourist visa: Immigration Department of Australia will take time ranging from 3 to 12 months for issuing this visa. Depending on your reason to visit the place the VISA will be issued. This visa is specifically issued for the people who are visiting this land for their tourism or business purpose. You will also need the passport along with the Australia ETA. ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority and it is an electronic way of linking your passport and visa together.

Australia ETA

  • Skilled immigration: If you are having a motive of shifting to this place and making it your home, then you will have to opt for this visa.
  • Business visa: If you have a business in Australia or you have been transferred to this place for conducting any business operation then you will be applying for this visa.

 Whenever you are applying for the visa to make sure that all the information are accurate in order to refrain your visa from getting rejected in the first place. The VISA will not get issued overnight so you will have to keep some time in your hand to get the AU visa sanctioned by the immigration department of Australia.