Get Yourswimlog for Your Swim Team and Witness Their Improvement

Like your swimsuits, goggles, stopwatch and a coach, a record book is also important for your swim practice. Worlds almost all international level swimmers keep a record of their performance. But having that perfect chart done is not easy. How do you make those charts which help your record to keep safe?

About 7500 swimmers and coaches use this incredible book to keeping their and their team record. It is highly recommended by coaches for their team benefits.

A brief introduction to yourswimlog:

This is not an e-book but a paper book. You can write your or your team record every day. This book has 10 months record chart to keep every swimmer within a track. These record charts help you to see your past performance. This will also help you to know how you will improve your performance day by day.

Other beneficiary things about this book if you use it:

  • Sleep record to keep your mind active
  • Diet record for your fitness
  • Competition analysis (before and after) to keep an eye on your performance
  • Weekly improvement chart to analyze your effort level
  • Keep your mind focus on sports with 20 strategies of taking away the mind from distraction
  • Newly released e-book “Dominate the pool” has about 76 pages full will ideas of building up the mental toughness.

About pricing:

If you think this book is costly then wait.

This will only come about $39 each at with full money back guaranty in 30 days.

But if you want to order for your team then you can get it for $29 each. If you buy 20 or above for your team then you will get your team logo printed on it.

You will get your order within one day (except Saturday and Sunday) only for $8 (USA & Canada) or $12 (International). Shipping charge is not depending on the amount so you can buy as many books at the same rate.