Perks of using powers saw vs hand saw

A saw is very important when you are doing work with woods or any do it yourself. One can use the handsaw for several purposes and there are many people who will choose power saw over hand saw for many reasons. So there are several things which one should consider when it is about comparing the usefulness of hand saw with that of a power saw.


  • Portability: Handsaw is very portable and hence people prefer using it more. You can easily take it to any place where you are going. The power saw is bulky and big and it will require you to give a lot of strength for taking it to different places. Moreover, it will easily fit in your toolbox which is not possible with the power saw. We can also see that the carpenters of old generation always prefer using a handsaw.


  • Power concerns: Handsaw will make you complete your job anytime and anywhere because you don’t have to look for the power sources or the batteries. With the power saw, you will be needing the plugins or use a battery for making it start. So if you are going to a remote place then using power saw may not be convenient. Even if the power is off, you won’t be able to use this tool and will have to wait for the power to come back.

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  • Safety: Handsaw is very important if you are looking into the safety while doing the carpentry job. The power of the power saw is extreme and many people may not be able to adapt to its speed and can meet with accidents like cutting their fingers. Handsaw can be controlled by the user. When you are using the handsaw if the saw is getting slipped it will either immediately stop or it will cause you minor injuries which are not possible when you are using a power saw.


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