The significance of the Ring celebration

The association of the Rice Alumni has always supported the celebration of the rice ring in order to pay the respect to the understudies who are a part of Rice tradition. This event commences on the fall semester and thereby gives the recognized alumni, college delicate and family to honour all the achievements of the students. During this time the families and the student are invited in order to be a part of the celebration of rice university ring.

The specialty of the celebration


  • In the Rice college, this rice rings many indicates the establishments that are standing for a long time.

  • There is an owl which is engraved on these rings starting from the graduating class of 1916.

  • There was a scholastic seal of the rice college, which player was placed on the focal point of this ring in the next year.

  • Every rice ring is made from the format which is followed from 1917. This is the reason why the essence is reserved for a century.

  • This rice class ring indicates the hardships as well as the difficulty which a student faces in the journey of succeeding as a student and it also represents the bond that all the students of Rice alumni have.

  • It symbolizes the status of the alumni and it also unifies the past, present and the future of the Rice Owls.

This university has a glorified past and a very strong foundation. Rice University is very famous in Texas and this is a place where science, literature and similar fields are appreciated. Specifically, in Texas, this is the most preferred university for gaining your higher studies. William Marsh Rice, who is a businessman has dedicated this Institute to the field of science, literature,and arts in Texas. Every ring has its own significance and it represents every rice alumni ring.