The Tradition Of Rice University Class Ring

In the state of Texas, Rice University is considered to be the headmost university. In fact, it is the selective institution for higher education. This particular university was founded in the year 1891 in order to meet the education standards of the people of Texas. The university is located near the Houston Museum District which is nearby the Texas Medical Center. The university may have a humble start but today it is one of the recognized universities in Texas and in the world. The university is known to follow the tradition of Rice class Ring. If you want to learn about the rice ring then you should give this article a read.

About the Rice Ring:

The Rice Ring ceremony is supported by the Association of Rice Alumni. The ring ceremony is conducted in order to respect the understudies who partake in the rice ring tradition. The event takes place during the time of every fall semester. The event gives the opportunity to recognize alumni, family and college delegates to honor the achievements of the students. Every year the students along with their families are invited by the Association of Rice Alumni to join the grand rice ring celebration that takes place in the university.

The ring is known to represent the uniqueness of the university. The ring has the university seal imprinted on it which was designed by designer Pierre de Chaignonla Rose in 1912. Students of the university wear the ring with great pride as it reminds them of their achievements. For a graduate, it means that he/she is ready to take on the world.

After going through the above discussion it can be said that the Rice Ring holds a great importance in the lives of the rice students as it reminds them of their achievements.